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Family Counselling

Experience Change therapists are specifically trained to work with families, utilising a systemic perspective, allowing them to identify family patterns and untangle family dynamics in order to facilitate healing and health.


Sometimes families experience unexpected loss, difficult transition, or find themselves in patterns of interacting that are leading to deep, painful conflict, and possibly loss of relationship.

Sometimes a family member is having a difficult time and needs support. Often, those who step into this role could use support themselves. 

Research is clear that the most effective way to increase the healing process is through the support of a healthy family and community. When 

a partner, parent or sibling can participate in the healing process everyone benefits.

Family sessions seek to empower each member of the family, at every age, to gain a fuller understanding of what they are hoping for and what they can take responsibility for in moving toward healthier relationships with self and others. Family therapists can help with working toward strengthening relationship bonds, repairing old wounds and changing familiar patterns. The family therapist seeks to facilitate each family’s unique goals for therapy.

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