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Couples Counselling

When our relationship is in distress it can impact everything we do.

Some describe it like a cloud that follows them while others tuck the conflict away until it rears its head again, stirring past and present pain. It is common for couples to get caught in a cycle of distress leading to an unsatisfying relationship.

Couples counselling provides an opportunity to address current and past experiences in a safe and supportive environment. By focusing on relational issues and their impacts, couples are able to achieve personal clarity which empowers each person to identify and share needs and desires more effectively. With guidance, couples gain insight and a deeper connection with themselves and their partner, often leading to a more fulfilling relationship. At Experience Change counselling therapists have specialised training to work with couples in distress in order to help establish thriving relationships. Sessions will look at your quality of relationship and its points of distress to build toward a stronger foundation. Our therapists are trained to assess the cycle of the couple’s relationship dynamics and to work together to untangle areas of tension.

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