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Adolescent Counselling

The age of adolescents is a key time for integrating family values and developing a personal identity. Teens are challenged with the task of trying to fit in to peer groups while simultaneously trying to understand who they are as individuals. This is a very impressionable phase where young people start to understand themselves and explore new things. 

The stage of maturation from childhood to adolescents (12 to 18 yrs.) involves rapid brain development which can show up in emotional, behavioural and relational dysregulation. Some families no longer recognise what they once knew as a sweet, mild tempered child in their now rebellious, aggressive or secretive teenager.

With the brain rapidly developing, but still not developed, it can be difficult to interpret their behaviour. You might be asking yourself:

  • Why did they follow the rule yesterday but not today?

  • Why are they so forgetful, disrespectful, emotional, or secluded?

  • Why don’t they talk to me anymore?

  • Why are they so distant?

  • What happened?

While teens often benefit from individual sessions with a counsellor parent-child relationships are at the heart of personal health and growth. For this reason, working with youth may also include strengthening relationships with parents in order to better maintain long-term change.

Experience Change counsellors have specialised training and experience working with teens and families in order to empower you in navigating the different developmental challenges of your child.

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