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Clinical Supervision

One of the most ethical practices we, as counsellors, can choose is ongoing, quality clinical supervision. Our clinical supervisors provide a space for therapists to process cases, ethics and personal impacts in order to support your growth as a therapist, prevent burn out and to partner with you in your ethical decision making. As it is with counselling services, finding a clinical supervisor is a combination of education, experience, training and personal fit. We’d love to hear from you to find out if we can be a fit for you and your practice. 


Alisha Stobbe, MAMFT, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)  has been trained as a clinical supervisor through the American Association of Clinical Supervision course since 2016. She has experience providing clinical supervision to individual, dyad, and groups of therapists in the private and public sector as well as master's level intern students. She is an instructor of clinical supervision for master’s level counselling students through Trinity Western University which includes theory, treatment planning, ethics, and video observation of clinical work. 


Alisha works from a systemic perspective, body based, experiential, and embodied emphasis with a focus on how trauma is stored and healed in the body. For more information on Alisha see our Our Team page or book an appointment to determine if she could be a fit for you. 

Brian O’Neill, MAMFT, Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) is trained in Systemic Clinical Supervision through the Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and is experienced in providing individual and group supervision of Registered Clinical Counsellors and counselling intern students. Brian works from a systemic, experiential framework and provides a collaborative space to process personal impacts and reactions, case conceptualization, and ethical issues.

If you are looking to strengthen specific counselling and conceptualization skills, ethical competency, or integration of spiritual resources, or to process areas where you feel stuck, book a consultation conversation with Brian to determine if he will be a good fit for the enhancement of your confidence and competence as a therapist.

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