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Tricia Jeranie

Intern Counsellor 

Currently completing a Masters in Counselling

Clinical Supervisor: Alisha Stobbe; RCC#12022

Counselling Rate:  $50 / 50 min session. 

Meet Tricia

We are all holding on to something that is weighing us down. It is hard to figure out how we free ourselves of that weight or even how we allow ourselves to let it go. I view counselling as a collaborative process and one that requires both effort and a desire to work toward change. I hope to carry a space of safety and curiosity, where I am following your lead. 



I hold a strengths-based and non-pathologizing approach. You are the only one who can tell the true story of your life. We are only human and as such, we are ever changing. Sometimes it is hard to come to terms with change and navigate our new selves. Often, we grow up with harmful teachings that carry on into our adulthood. I believe in the importance of validating your unique reality and deconstructing what it all means. I operate through both postmodernist and social constructivist lenses with relational and systemic perspectives. 



Tricia is currently completing her Master’s of Counselling at City University. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a Human Services Certificate. She works with teens, adults, and couples. Trish has many years of experience in the helping profession including disability work, volunteering at a rehab centre, and currently a support worker at a domestic violence home. Areas of interest include (but not limited to): 

  • Caregiver burnout, whether you are supporting a loved one or are in the caregiving profession 

  • Relationships: breakups, relationship difficulty, couple growth

  • Religious deconstruction: working through harmful teachings, schemas, and beliefs

  • Pornography addiction

Tricia also has training from Allura Sex Therapy Centre:

  • Integrating Sex and Couples Therapy: Common Issues in Couples and Relational Sex Therapy.

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